June 24, 2024

Day Two, As Told by Zach

Our morning was so really fantastic. After we all rise and shine, we came down to this lovely place where we all gather around for breakfast. And we wait until the bell rang for breakfast. And for breakfast we all had cinnamon coffee cake which was so really good, oatmeal with brown sugar, strawberries and blueberries and grapes. Water and decaf coffee. And then after breakfast, Ethan signed me up for two classes. I did pottery and archery. The third class option was prepping for studio night. We also had Jabberday Live aka morning meeting. We all sat around in the screened in porch where we all shared morning announcements.

We had lunch and then went back to the cabin to put on swimsuits. And we put on sunscreen at the beach. The beach was freezing cold but I am a daredevil and I still went in. All of us went in and we had such a wicked awesome time. And I really love going swimming at the beach.

After the beach we all came back to camp where we all took hot showers and I got the sand out from in between my toes. And then Ethan and I came down to the main cabin where I’m going to get ready to have dinner.

Then after dinner we are all going down to the studio to prep for studio night! We will all come back to the main cabin and we’ll share what happened at studio night and why we all like studio night.

Okay we’re back! I liked studio night because I was the MC and everyone did an amazing job! I’m dozing off, I’ll talk tomorrow when I’m all nice and rested and I have had a good long sleep.


Zach (and Camp)

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