June 8, 2024

Day Two and Alpacas Don't Moo

First fam camp of the summer, second day of the sesh! Can we have a thousand more of whatever magic was today? It was unreal and we want to just all move in together. Wanna hear what we did?

We started off the morning with some delish french toast with all the fixins to fuel us up for a choice morning. Some of us went to alpaca yoga to perfect our downward facing alpaca. Others went to the West Tisbury Farmers Market for some divine egg rolls and floral arrangements. And the rest of our crew did some crabbing downtown or walked around town to shop (or both!). It was so hard to choose what to do because all of the options were so ideal! Then we came back to camp for a nacho-licious lunch and to share all of our morning adventure stories with our friends. Once we were all regrouped and ready to rumble, we took the bus our for a spin to State Beach for the very first camp beach trip of the summer! Boy oh boy did it feel good. The water was perfectly chilly for some Jaws Bridge jumps and water hangs. And the sand was perfectly sandy enough for some warm naps and chats. First camp beach trip of summer 2024 was a success! We then headed back, but not before stopping by the post OB Pride Parade Party to share some Jabberwocky love and cheer.

When we made it back to camp it was time for showers and rest before heading to dinner in the main cabin with our friends. Chicken, veggies, and pasta oh my! But it doesn't end there! We had the honor of having not one but TWO evening classes tonight. First option was a paint and sip activiTEA (it was paint and sip tea) with Madeline where we each started a masterpiece and then after 7 minutes sent it to the person next to us to add to for the next 7 minutes, and so on. The other option was apple and chocolate popsicle making with Lori where we got to decorate apples on a stick! Both artsy, both awesome. After classes we hung out with our friends, played some Uno and other games before hitting the hay. Tomorrow's a half day, but it's packed in like a full. We gotta get our rest. Wishing you all an equally incredible rest of your weekend. The love we got here is absolutely enough to share. Sweet dreams weekend warriors.



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