July 20, 2023

Day Twelve, Go On With Your Good Self!

The last day of the session already? Put please can we stay a liiiiiittle bit longer? We can't get enough of our friends and the good vibes! Ohhh kay, we'll just tell you about our day and re-live it as we tell ya. That'll do donkey. So, we'll take it from the top.

We started our glorious Thursday with some brekkie and then straight into cleaning our cabins to make it shine like the Chrysler Building (jk that's a stressful Annie reference and that was NOT the vibe, but we did clean to make our cabins all cozy.) After that we headed to classes to catch some Robin Hood vibes at archery, British Bakeoff vibes with baking cookies, and whatever dancer and singer vibes we wanted to call in with some dance moves. After classes we packed up our bags to make sure that wasn't going to be on our minds the rest of the day, and headed to lunch. After lunch, we went to the beach for one last dip of the session and then had choice evening! Half of our crew went to go catch fish and update our fish pics on the Skipper and the other half went to go make sure the Sharks had the loudest fans possible at the Sharks game. After our fulfilling evenings, we came back together at camp, snuggled in and are now off to bed. We loved this session to the fullest and will dream of all the good memories and plan for next year. Pumped for the next crew to come in and experience the magic during session 3. Love you and love us.



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