August 15, 2022

Day Three, Who Are We (Jk We Know Exactly Who We Are and It's Greatness)

The fun just will not stop! Today we just had another one of those days where you if it never ended we would be totally fine. So what did we do, you might be asking. Glad you asked.

We started the day with sound bath to ground us in our vaycay and then we turned this vaycay into a playcay with some EPIC art classes, making fairy homes and pottery masterpieces.

After a fab lunch, we headed to the beach because we just can’t get enough of it and even decided that pizza on the beach was in order. Then we were full and decided that we had enough of the waves for one day, so made our way back to camp for a singalong by the fire.

Sounds like a pretty good day right?? We thought so. Alright, off to hit the day. Smell ya tomorrow!



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