June 28, 2022


After a night with sooooo much rain, we woke up with cool air and sunny skies without a cloud in sight!

After a yummy breakfast with baked goods,  fruit, and oatmeal, we jumped right into morning classes. 

Today we had a very cool art class with Madeline that included permanent markers, paint, and rubbing alcohol. Check out how beautiful the projects came out. Thank you, Madeline! We also had beading, and everyone made their own beaded jewelry. Lastly, we learned all about archery. Everyone had a chance to try it, and a few people even got bulls eyes!

After a busy morning, we stuffed our faces with lunch and had a little rest. Some people at camp are not about rest, so a group headed into town and hit up Mocha Motts for an afternoon treat and lots of caffeine (just kidding, not kidding).

Tonight was our first night of DRUMMING ON THE BEACH! Thank you, Rick!

In the late afternoon, we packed up our bathing suits, towels, sunscreen, chairs, umbrellas, and snacks and headed to the beach. We had a BBQ on the beach and, of course, smores. The local bongo drumming group met us at the beach, and we drummed, we danced, and we laughed until the sunset. We got home after dark, showered our bodies, and climbed into bed, resting up for another epic day tomorrow.



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