August 9, 2022

Day Three, On a Fun Spree

We reeeeemixed this week and had breakfast on the beach THIS morning! Shocking, stunning, gorgeous, perfection. We had a marvelous breakfast while basking in the sun and then took a little dip in the osh. When we had our beachy fill, we headed back to camp for showers and lunch. After lunch, we had art classes and had a little Halloween in August vibes for our Hallowllumination Night!

The rain did not keep us from Illuminating the night and honestly might have even made it better. The cozy, spooky thunderstorm vibes were basically manifested by our Pinning the Mole on the Witch game from earlier this afternoon. And instead of finishing the night with a pumpkin full of candy, we made some candy filled ice cream sundaes to top it all off.

We're ready for bed and to dream of what tomorrow brings! (Spoiler alert, it's even better than today, which is saying A LOT). See you tomorrow!


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