June 28, 2023

Day Three and That's the Tea

Okay I know we kinda always say this, but today was actually PACKED! We started the morning off a lil earlier than usual to get our butts over to the Mad Max catamaran for a peaceful sail. And we're so magical that the morning rain stopped right when we stepped a toe upon the boat. The sail was absolutely gorgeous and we loved snuggling up on the deck and down below (Are those the technical terms? We're okay with not being pros on this.) Also, a crew of us that didn't want to set sail had a lovely stroll around Edgartown.

After that, Maya and Ethan brought us a delicious sandwich lunch that we ate by the water. Once our tummies were full, a crew of us headed off the beach and others headed back to camp for a little stretch and rest. It was such a water-filled, full full day and we loved it so much. When we were all showered and fresh, we ate our din and took a "trip" to Side Door Donuts for dessert. It was a sweet, sweet way to end such a gorgeously full day. But honestly, we are tyty up the wazoo, so thinking we'll drift off to sleep and dream happy dreams. Toodaloo!



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