July 11, 2023

Day Three and Sweet Like a Honey Bee

Hello fellow Jabberwockyans! Here to hear about our day? Awesome! We wanted to kick off the day with some learning, so we headed to classes right after a delicious breakfast. Classes today were print making, painting, cookie baking, and line dancing. A small crew of us also went on a trip to a writing workshop and worked with some folks on some thoughtful prompts. Lots of good learning! Then we all headed to lunch and rest. After we were rested up we headed over to the beach for some refreshing swimming and had a cookout dinner and drumming on the beach! Nothing like a good cheeseburger on the beach to prove it's really Summer. And a some s'mores for dessert didn't hurt either! After dinner, we packed up and went back to camp for showers and bed. Now that we're smelling like fresh daisies and have that post cookout glow, we're off to sleep. TTYL!



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