July 5, 2023

Day Ten and Don't Want it to End

Another day of fun at camp today (and by fun we mean magic, but you probably already knew that). After starting the day off with a yummy brekki, we headed to Native Earth Teaching Farm to hug some goats and drum a little tune with Rick. We will never get over the amazingness of those little baby goats. Then we headed back to camp for some lunch and a rest. When we were jazzed up again, we headed to the beach for SUCH a beautiful beach day. The sun was really trying to apologize for dipping out on us yesterday during the parade. Little did it know, we weren't holding a grudge.

After the beach we went back to camp to shower off the sand and eat a delicious dinner before circling up for our Gratitude Circle. Even though we have one more full day together with this crew, we wanted to gather and get into our feels. We love each other so much and expressing it in a sweet, loving huddle just feels so goooood. Teary eyes, FULLLL hearts, can't lose. We're gonna sign off now and head to bed. So much love.



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