July 14, 2023

Day Six, You Can See It in Our Pix

Once again, a rainy day canNOT get us down! Even though our plan for the day switched quite a bit with the rain, we somehow made it an even better time? Like how? Because we're awesome. In the morning, a crew of us went to the horse farm to ride, clean, and pet the lovely horses. The rest of us stayed back at camp for art and massage/stretch class. It was a lovely way to start the day no matter what we were doing. After we all gathered back as a group, we had some lunch and took a rest. When we were feeling refreshed, we headed to the main cabin for a really lovely gratitude circle, since some of our friends here are headed out tomorrow. It was really lovely to hear everyone's memories and gratitude for this week. After expressing all the warm and fuzzies, we got prepped for Studio Night, planning skits, warming up vocal cords, and loosening our hips. We, of course, had to have a little taco din to fuel us up for our talents to shine. And shine they DID! Studio night truly never disappoints and this was no exception. Skits, dances, songs, ventriloquism, stand up, PowerPoints, you name it! It was really a blew us all away. We're off to bed thinking of Morgan's skit reenacting her dream and George's puppet singing Elvis. Goodnight dear loves.



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