July 1, 2023

Day Six, New Friends in the Mix

Today began with a little shift moment, as we said goodbye to some folks from week 1 and welcomed in a new crew of beaming faces to camp. For those of us who are here for two weeks, we went on a trip to the Flying Horses and to eat a little donut snack. Once we were all back at camp, we ate our delicious lunch and got our bathing suits on to get our butts over to the beach. And boy oh boy was it an incredible beach day. Swimming around like no time had passed since our last State Beach excursion and for Vi, her inaugural State Beach trip! When we were pruny and sun kissed we headed back for showers and din. After din, we got all unpacked, hung out, and started to manifest some 4th of July energy. We even got to enjoy some tasty birthday treats. We're headed to bed after such a full day of new and old friends and can't wait for what's to come tomorrow.



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