July 15, 2023

Day Seven, We Have Leavened (Like when bread is at it's best)

It's the weekend and we're livingggggg! Today was incredible with choices up the wazoo. We started with classes (classssic) and the lineup was once again stacked (once again, classic). We had banana cream pie making, tie dyeing, poetry writing, and massage class. It was truly awesome. Then we lunched and headed right to the beach to catch some waves and cool off from the humid day. About half of us left a little early to get back, shower, and go to a dinner and documentary for Disability Pride. It was so lovely! The rest of us spent a little longer at the beach and then traveled back to camp for showers and a fantastic dinner at camp. After dinner, we went to the drive-in movie to see The Princess Bride. Inconceivable! And that's our Saturday folks! Get some rest and see you tomorrow!



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