July 2, 2023

Day Seven, Just Like Heaven

A super classic Jabb day for us today and it was pure joy! We started the day with arts and crafts to prep for the 4th of July parade and some of us tuned into Jabberwebby so we didn't fall behind on Harry Potter. Thanks for always being an incredible host Athena! And lastly, a small group of us headed to Grace Church, classic Sunday morning option, of course. After a delicious lunch, we had rest period and then headed to the beach (another classic option) for some fresh beach air. Then we had a delicious chili din and walked down to the studio for a DANCE PARTY! Though we don't fully understand where the phrase "cut a rug" comes from, we truly cut A rug! Dances are always the best way to end the day. Alright, we're all snuggled up and shutting our gorgeous eyeballs. We'll chat with you tomorrow!



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