August 7, 2022

Day One: Don't Walk, Run (to the blog to see our perfect smiles)

Day one of a new sesh popped OFF!! (That's a good thing for any of you that didn't know before). We were overjoyed to see our friends again and make some new ones, so needless to say, we jumped out of bed wherever we were this morning and headed to the boat. Once we were reunited with our crew back in Vineyard Haven, we headed to camp for lunch and some very lively announcement performances. Then, we decided we were to excited to unpack just yet and we just HAD to head to the beach asap! So we packed our waters, suited up, and left for the beach. Some of us did hang back since bookclub and beach overlapped a bit, but we were all happy to do our thing.

When we were all back at camp, we unpacked our things so we can stay here forever and ever (obvi) and headed to din din. Then we were totally full (bellies and souls) we hung out for a bit and went to bed to rest from the exciting day! We're so ready for the week ahead and promise to share all the deets. See you tomorrow!



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