July 9, 2023

New Crew to Add to the Stew on The First Day of Session Two

Here we go, here we go, here we go again! This crew is coming in HOT with the energy and enthusiasm and we're loving it! So many humans returning home to Jabb and ready for another great Summer. And a few new faces experiencing the Jabb magic for the first time! Anyway, wanna hear what we did today? Well, we all got up from wherever we were coming from and headed to the Woods Hole ferry where we met up with our friends and boarded the ferry. When we arrived at camp, we had our hugs, lunch and rest and then headed to the beach. No time to waste baby! After the beach, we headed back to camp for showers and dinner and then either hung out back at camp, catching up with old friends and getting all nested in our cabins or we headed to the band concert in downtown Vineyard Haven. Now we're off to bed to rest up for our first full day. Sweet dreams to all you our bloggies (like Swifties).



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