July 17, 2023

Day Nine, Watch Us Shine

They sky decided it was time to grant us some sun and SUN it granted! We had such a full outdoors day today and let the light in like it was our JOB! First up, half of our crew set sail on the Impossible Dream sailboat for the morning ride and the rest of us stayed back at camp for a restful soundbath and art class. Both fantastic mornings. Then lunch was our switcharoo moment where the sailing crew came back to camp and the crew that was at camp in the morning got their turn on the Impossible Dream. Like a little do si do, if you will.

Once the afternoon sail crew set off, the rest of camp took a little rest and then rallied for more boat-like adventures by going to Long Point Beach to kayak and chill on the beach. AND have a pizza beach din din. We warmed it up for the rest of camp, so that when our afternoon sailers were done with their sail, they headed straight to us to join in the kayak pizza fun. FULL day of boating means a full day of greatness. Now that we've had our time upon the waves, we are ready for our night rest. That's what sailors do too, they sail and then they rest. We're just doing as sailors do, because after today, we're sailors too.



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