July 4, 2023

Day Nine and Fully 4th of Julyin'

Oh you KNOW today was one for the books here at camp! We started the day with a fueling breakfast and then got to putting the final touches on our 4th of July outfits. And in case you're itching to know what our theme was before looking at the pics, it was Music Through the Ages! Cool, right? Lots of funky costume opps and we had such a great time planning out our outfits. We had some pop stars, rock icons, 60's treasures, and more! Needless to say, we were all feeling like rockstars today.

Okay, back to the day. So after we got all prepped and were feeling ready, we had lunch at camp and set out to get all done up and lined up and in place. And thankfully it was a lovely time for a little park sit and hang while we waited for our fellow paraders to be ready too. When the clock struck 5pm, we headed out to parade around Edgartown and show off all our gorgeousness to the island. We loooooved seeing how many people came out to cheer us on. Even though it rained for a little bit, we kept parading and dancing to the sounds of Rick's band leading our way. Honestly it was EPIC. Thanks again to everyone who came out despite the rainy wetness.

After the parade, we came back to camp for warm showers and some meatloaf and watermelon, to complete the 4th of July experience. Then some of us went to sleep and a few of us snuggled up by the fire or watched a little Grease to help settle into the night. We had such a fantastic, cheer filled day and we love our crew a lot. Off to rest for another day ahead.



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