June 29, 2023

Day Four, We Want More

We are so incredibly happy with our super sunny, lovely day! We started the morning with a soooolid lineup of classes, baking cookies, dancing and singing, nail painting, and arting (not technically a word, but should be right?). Then we figured, why not have some lunch and then head into town for a little park hang and ice cream trip? And some of us opted to set sail on the sailboat in the lovely waters. Both options were beyond perfection and we were quite honestly glowing. After that, we had a lovely gratitude circle and headed to cheer the mighty mighty Sharks on in their game against Keane. Felicia even threw the first pitch! We love to love the Sharks.

Okay, suuuper full day and we're sleeeeepy, so off to bed to dream a little dream of me (and by me we mean the glory of camp.)



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