August 10, 2022

Day Four, Goats Galore

And just when we thought it couldn't get any better, today happened. AND it was Chris's birthday, so how could it not be incredible?!

After yesterday's cozy, rainy night, we were ready to be outside loving some goats and banging on some drums. It was fantastic. After the goat farm, we headed back to camp for lunch to celebrate our boy Chris Meeeeeesh. After filling our bellies with cake, we were ready for a little walk to Owen Park, our favorite Vineyard Haven haven away from camp. Then, we made our way back home for a delicious din din and birthday party! Piñatas heal all, we can tell you that much. Any frustration we had from the past year is now all released onto some totally fine piñata donkeys. And post cake, we totally needed more candy, since it's not a party without some dancing.

And now that we're danced out and sugar crashing, we're heading to bed. See you tomorrow for more fun!



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