July 27, 2022

Day Four, Definitely Not a Bore

Today was jam packed! We felt like the goats needed their weekly snuggle sesh and Rick needed yet another jam sesh, so we headed to Native Earth Teaching Farm to make that right. The goats were so happy to see us and the drums were well used. After fully forming a band and putting on an incredibly hyped concert, we headed back to camp.

We ate a quick lunch and got back on the bus to head to the beach. Some of us were having too much fun at the beach and decided to stay into the evening to have a special beach dinner. Another group went on a fishing trip adventure out on the deep blue sea in one of our favorite ships, The Skipper. Apparently our camp is full of fishing experts, because we were catching fish faster then we could throw them back in the ocean!

Believe it or not, the fun didn't stop there! We dashed back to camp to have a rockin' dance party. Even though we were willing to dance until the wee hours of the morning, our directors decided that some sleep would be needed in order to have more fun tomorrow. See you then!



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