August 17, 2022

Day Five, Should We Name a Goat Clive?

We saw goats today! We are also all the GOATS (greatest of all time) today! We started the day snuggling with our goat bbs and jamming with Rick. Can you think of a better morning vibe? I'll wait. Jk, you probably had a lovely morning too, just different. Anyway, the goats loved us and we loved them and they loved the music we made, so happy all around. Some of us even went to see some alpacas to share the love a bit!

After lunch we felt we should photosynthesize by the beach, so we headed over to get some sun and catch some waves. After getting enough blue sky breeze blowing wind in our hair, we headed back to camp to celebrate illumination night, Jake's 10th campiversary, and Martha, Drew, and Keagan's wedding shower! What a day to celebrate!

Our cups are totally full after so much quality time with chosen fam (and bio fam), so we're off to dream beautiful dreams. Love you and see you tomorrow!



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