July 13, 2023

Day Five, Grooving Like the Hand Jive

A full full day at Jabb today! We started with a stacked line up of classes. Dirt pudding making, archery-ing like Robin Hood, bullet journaling, musical theater-ing, and massage/stretching. Like, can we talk about how diverse those class options are? After filling our cup with different thingy things (especially if we made dirt pudding), we ate some lunch and then headed to Owen Park and into town for a little afternoon choice moment. When it was time to go back to camp, we freshened up and went to the Edgratown Library for a picnic and Disability Pride Dance. It was SO FUN! We really really loved hanging and dancing and eating such delicious food. So many dances this week and we are NOT mad about it. Okay, we're snuggled up and ready for bed. See you beautiful people tomorrow after we rest our little eyeballs.



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