June 30, 2023

Day Five and We Continue to Thrive

Last day of week one and we literally can't believe we're already here. Needless to say, even though today was fully amazing, tears were shed. We just love each other SO MUCH! But, as we said, today was fully amazing! Wanna hear about it? Okay, good! We started the day off with a choice of horseback riding or beach. Once again, the choices we get to choose from are always the bomb dot com (is this still something people say?).

Then when we got back to camp, we had some lunch and took care of business! Those who are leaving tomorrow did some packing and prepping and then got ready for the evening. A crew also decided they really wanted to make some cupcakes, and why not! Then we headed out to Featherstone Center for the Arts to see some live music and dance it out. They even called up our own Caroline Sky to the stage to serenade us with a slow country jam. It was the perfect evening. We're feeling really loving and grateful for this crew and went to bed filled with love.

Okay, we're gonna snuggle in and sing sweet songs to each other while we fall asleep. Doesn't that sound lovely? Goodnight, sweet dreams.



PS Shoutout to the Fishing Tournament peeps!

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