July 19, 2023

Day Eleven, Crisp Like Fresh Linen

Woowee! Another hump day for the books! You know how we like to start the day with options? We brought them in this morning too. A crew of us gave snuggles to the goats and a little musical soundtrack to their morning. Others of us went to go ride the flying horses carousel because why not! And some of us (by special request) stayed back at camp to watch Beauty and the Beast, the live action one no less!

When we all got back to camp, we ate some lunch and got all caught up on how our friends spent their mornings. Even though we loved out various mornings, we missed each other so decided to set off to the beach together for the afternoon and hang out. When we were all ready to head back, we had din and PROM! We danced the night away and built up an appetite, so we were pleasantly surprised when we were met with ice cream at the main cabin! What a magical day! We wish you were here, but we're glad you're here to see our pics. Hope you can feel our joy from there! We'll see you tomorrow for our last day of this sesh.



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