July 16, 2023

Day Eight, Look at all the Greatness We Can Create

RAIN ON ME! Honestly keep it coming because we can take it! This morning after breakfast, we headed to the beach to beat the rain. It was a windy day, but we needed a little wind (and sand) in our hair. When it started to drizzle, we headed back to camp for lunch and some rainy day rest. Then we obvi wanted to continue our TLC vibes and had a Spa Day of an afternoon. Nail painting, foot soaking, and facials galore. After self caring the day away, we filled our tummies with din din and headed to our Highlighter Karaoke Dance Party! In case you're not familiar, this means we put on white tees, draw on each other with highlighters, and sing karaoke. Doesn't that sound like the best combo of things? We sure think so. After the dance, we had a sweet Backdoor Donuts treat to top the night off. Our original plans were postponed a tad because of the rain, but this day was cozy as a sweet dream. Speaking of sweet dreams, sweet dreams!



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