July 10, 2023

Day Dos and We Got The Most (positive vibes of anyone on this island)

The rain today could NOT get us down! Seriously, we're not even just saying it. The vibes did not dip even a decibel. We started the day with classes, doing pottery, nail painting, and beading. Really artsy of us, right? Then we gobbled up lunch and took a lovely rest. While we were resting the rain started and it was so lovely to hear the rain on our cabins, a cute little summer shower if you may. After resting, we decided if we wanted to watch a movie back at camp or walk into town and explore. After that we ate some delicious dinner, we got pumped up for CABIN CHALLENGE! It was a ball! And guess what? We tied and we all won root beer floats! We knew this before, but we are all just so talented. So now we're off to bed to rest up for another great day tomorrow and have the sweetest dreams because we're all surrounded by such loving, incredible humans. Goodnight dear readers.



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