July 2, 2024

Dancing in the Sunlight

Tuesday oh Tuesday, how we love you. Today was so joyful and so outdoorsy (aren't they all though), but like in a watery way. We had the pleasure of joining the Impossible Dream crew for TWO sails today. This morning, half of our crew set sail on the fully accessible catamaran and the rest of us stayed back at camp to do some parade prep. And prep we did! Two days away means there is work to be done.

Then we had lunch when the morning sailor people came back to tell us of their sail-ventures and it was time for the second half of our crew to have their time in the sail. We loved every minute of the open water and we even saw dolphins! While the second crew was sailing away, the rest of us did some parade prep and then headed over to the beach for some for more water time, this time with our feet in the sand. Once the second sail crew was done, they met the rest of us at the beach for some dancing in the sand, Uno in our hands, and burgers and hotdogs in our tummies. Cookout and dance party? Nothing better.

But now the sun has set and so shall we. We love you lots and see you on Wednesday aka tomorrow.



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