August 10, 2023

Come on Barbie Let's Go Party

Well, well, well, fancy seeing you here! Wanna hear what we did with this incredible Thursday? Okay, cool because we wanna tell ya! We woke up, got dressed in pink, went to breakfast, and WENT TO THE BARBIE MOVIE!! We had our own private screening of the movie of the Summer with sodas and popcorn in hand. It was fantastic. Then we went back to camp to regroup, eat a Barbie themed lunch, and rest. After rest, some of us went sailing, others went crabbing, a few went to the beach, and some did some arts and crafts. We all came back to camp for dinner where we got to celebrate our very own birthday boys, Richard and Chris! We had cake and piñatas and showered those two human gems with love. And then we headed down to the studio for STUDIO NIGHT!!! Studio night is a fan fave and since this was the last one of the Summer, we really had to go all out. We had skits, songs, acoustic numbers, dances, and challenges to really show off all the talent of the crew. And it did not disappoint! We're feeling absolutely amazing from the day, but boy are we ready for bed. We'll catch ya on the flip!



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