July 28, 2023

Claaaaaaasic Camp

A day in the life of a Camp Jabberwocky community human (specifically the day we just had): First you wake up and have a nourishing breakfast of cereal and fruit if you're a sweet morning person, or eggs and bacon if you're more of the savory type. Then you sign up for your favorite class choice, today's choices being Friendship Bracelets, Just Dance, Yoga, Massages, and Jam Sesh. We would say that's a seamless, solid mixture of art and movement. Once you are all liberal arts classed up, you have lunch and rest (because lunch makes you realize how snoozy you are from your joyful classes.) Then when you're fully rested, you get your bathing suit on and head to the beach with your friends. Some of your friends stayed back to continue their art day or went with Suzanna to visit some horses. Personality pick afternoon!

Then you come back to camp for showers and hangs. And then it's time for Robert Devlin's 40th Campiversary Pizza Party! The pizza was so delicious that we couldn't help heading down to the studio for a Campiversary Dance! Tonight was so incredibly joyful and we got to hear about some of Robert's camp memories and shower him with love. And THEN we showered all of our friends with love because no matter how long we've been here, the love is so incredibly strong. Okay, we've kinda devolved the day in the life style of this blog entry, but you're still with us right? Good! As you will see in our pics, we're feeling really snuggly and snoozy, so we're gonna get to bed now. Thanks for being you!



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