June 26, 2023


Alert the media, we're BACK AT CAMP! Okay, truly and genuinely it feels like we never left, but a whole year has passed since we'e been reunited. And boy oh boy, does it feel SO GOOD! We started the day with a lovely ferry ride (lovely because we were hanging with the best people on the ferry obvi) to Vineyard Haven and a sweet walk back to camp to get all nested in our cabins before lunch. Then we munched on our quesadillas and caught up with old friends, filling the main cabin up with all our warmth and good chats. After lunch, we changed into our bathing suits and set off for the beach for the inaugural bus ride and ocean dip. If you can't tell from our beaming faces, the beach was beyond glorious. We sang songs, lounged in the boats, paddled the boards, and made some incredible sand structures.

Then we made our way back to camp for showers and a yummy mac and cheese dinner, and snuggled in for a singalong sesh. Needless to say, we're right back in it. We're headed to bed because even though today was a half day, it felt super full! Resting up for our first *actual* full day tomorrow and dreaming of our incredible week ahead. See you tomorrow!



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