June 27, 2024

Blog By Seth

This morning we got up to the bell, got dressed and brushed teeth. Then I went to breakfast. Breakfast was lucky charms and egg sandwiches. I had two egg sandwiches and iced coffee. Then was Jabberwocky live. It was national sunglasses day so we all got a pair. After that we did classes. Classes were jewelry stamping and nail polish. Malia painted my nails. While I was in classes, a small group was at horseback riding. After classes and horseback riding, we went to lunch. I had nachos and sesame noodles and a salad. I had water and gatorade.

Then at 1:45 we rode the big red bus to the beach. Jack drove. I went on the paddle board. Some of us left early because we went on the Skipper. The skipper is fishing. I caught 5 fish. We threw the line and waiting for the fish to bite. The other group stayed at the beach for longer and they went back for dinner.

Then we rode back to camp. We had game and movie night. I played the game Uno with Stephanie.

Talk to you tomorrow!


Seth (and Camp)

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