July 25, 2023

First Day of Session Three, Truly Feeling Happy As Can Be

Start to a new session means new bright, shiny faces arrived today after waiting a whole year to return to this magical wonderland! Okay friends, when we tell you today was increDIBLE, we fuuuuuully mean it! Old friends reuniting, new friends becoming close already, like seriously there was only goodness in the air today and we're sure you're gonna see it in our smiles. We started the day off by heading from our cozy homes to the ferry to reunite. Some of us woke up super early to get there, but once we were there we were WIDE awake! We were so excited to be together that we even turned your run of the mill ferry into a full on party boat.

When we arrived in Vineyard Haven, we made our way to camp for a delicious lunch and dance party/extended announcements time (meaning our announcements were dance presentations. The best kind of announcements). Then we got all unpacked, had a little rest, and decorated some lanterns in preparation for Illumination Night. When we were all ready to leave camp for a different vibe, we headed to the beach to swim around before cookout and drumming on the beach! It's a Tuesday after all! Best first day EVER! That was a word for word review by multiple campers, so it must be true. Okay so we are tres (pronounced tray, means very in french) tired, so we're gonna hit the hay, but we'll see you all again tomorrow, because we're back and we're dying to show you what we're up to. Lots of hugs to ya!



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