July 21, 2022

All the Feels and the Love is Real(s)

Don't remind us it's the last day of the sesh okay? We had the most amazing, fun filled day today, spending as much time with each other as humanly possible and soaking in each other's magic. We started the day with a few choices, either heading to the beach, taking a walk to the park, or staying at camp for chalk art and biking. Then, after lunch, we had a visit from the circus to learn how to juggle and some of us went crabbing. And as if that wasn't enough excitement, we decided to head to the drive-in movie theater after gushing about how much we love each other in our camp gratitude circle. We can't possibly put to words the amount of love we're feeling for our friends right now and just can't wait to snuggle up and dream about reuniting next Summer and visiting each other during the year! See you soon!



Ps please enjoy some extra pics from last night's studio night that didn't make it into yesterday's blog.

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